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Monday, June 30, 2003

We are blogging super stars...well maybe starlets!!!

This morning Kerrilee sent a link to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald on young children using computers. Totally relevant to me so I'm reading it all over coffee and get to the bottom where there is a list of "5 super sites for children (and parents)" and along Sesame Street online and the ABC kids web site there is Oskar Tex's Wild Rumpus the blog of my wonderful son.

The author, whom I have never met, writes "This hilarious weblog is written by a two-year-old boy from Melbourne with a lot of help from his dad.". This is mostly true, Suzette does more on it than me ;-)

So we were VERY VERY excited and sent the news to everyone so if you're coming to my site from Oskar's....Welcome!!! I'm sure you'll find Oskar's site much more fun than this self-indulgent thing.

Now I'm thinking that with all this Blogging hype happening its only a matter of time before someone in Australia wants to host a blog oriented conference. To this end I think that Claire and Suze should get organised and tout (not tart) themselves around to the conference organisers for speaking positions. I'm also thinking a Bloggie around Baby-blogs is needed!!!

In other news, I've decided to run a 1/2 marathon in Sept rather than the Marathon in October this year...its just a bit too much given other things in my life at the moment.

Finally, I cooked some yummy yummy bread using a bread machine to do the dough (slack I know) and throwing it in the oven to cook; I think I'll try doing it by hand with the bread mix next; and I cooked a mean meat pie on the weekend along with totally homemade (inc. pasta) lasagne so cooking is still a big love.

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Friday, June 27, 2003


Sorry for the lack of posting recently. The Blogger API, which I use from the wonderful BlogApp, has been down while Pyra flip all the blogs over to their new platform. This finally happened last night but the API is still down.

Lots of things have happened this week relating to work, running, other things etc. so I'll make some time this weekend to post more.

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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Virtual Worlds, options and eBay

At the moment I am very very interested in the business of being the middleman between sellers and buyers of virtual world items via ebay. Physical market meets virtual world. Apparently there is a business to be had here with people earning 6 figures doing it. I guess I need to take some castle valuation courses ;-)

But seriously, I can easily imagine derivative markets becoming common place in virtual worlds as the technology gets better and better. And for the personpeople who get in and develop this a pretty penny to be made.

The ultimate virtual job at home, make money, no physical sales required, low overhead lots of turnover.

In other news (apparently boring news according to some snobby self indulgent canadian ski bunny type)....running is back on the agenda..I'm enjoying it this week and doing the distances but a little less structure. I've also found getting out first thing is much better than later in the day at the moment, even with Oskar getting up at 5:30 and Jasmine twice a night (tired parents).

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Sunday, June 15, 2003

eBaying, running and Plans
Over the last few weeks I've gotten back into the old ebay habit, trying to win numerous Sherlock Holmes and James Bond items. I'm getting better at the set and forget ebay bid but I still get the rush in the last 60 secs when someone out bids me and I quickly bid..login in and confirm.

Since the Sydney 1/2 Marathon my running passion has dropped off a bit; I've had a couple of low level colds and have generally felt a bit sore and tired. I'm now trying to decide if I've bitten off too much in trying to do the Marathon this year given the family life efforts at the moment. I'll make a decision this week. (I'm leaning towards doing it but being less strict in my running and adding more cross training).

Along with the Marathon, I'm thinking lots about what I want to do/learn/achieve this year given AgentArts has (almost) some certainty to run through until August 2004 (touch wood). Having caught up with a friend last week I'm thinking of trying something non technical like wood working or something artistic as a night or weekend course. On the tech front, I want to learn CSS (starting with getting this site validating), Flash (focusing on programming not design) and Python. My aim being to get more familiar with rich internet apps with the aim of building some interesting in the game/immersive space arena. Aside from these things, I'm keen to push forward with the options trading plan as this is probably where my financial future sits.

So at the moment there is lots of thinking about things going on and trying to decide what the plans will be over the next 12 months.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Happy Part Birthdays
Oskar is 2 and a half today and Jasmine is 2 months old today.

Happy part birthday's kids...We love you very much....even if you are hard work at times.

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Saturday, June 07, 2003

Nullsoft farce
So I have to ask...

What the hell is AOL doing letting a set of developers they own develop products that are so obviously against their best interests.

With the pulling down of WASTE this week and the subsequent tortured artist display by Justin Frankel I am reminded of the Godfather's "How did things come to this?".

Who is looking after this bunch of coders and how did they get a piece of code to a production without anyone in AOL putting up their hand and suggesting that just maybe it wasn't something that is really what they want. Maybe being on the other side of the country to AOL HQ and having a lamma in reception saved them.

Rob comments on it here and I agree 100%.

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Best ever chocolate mousse
It was remiss of me not to mention that this week Suzette (not me) made the best ever Chocolate mouse I have eaten. This is great cause now I can cook a great main and have a sensational desert done by someone else.

Tonight I am going to try and do Mandarin Creme Brulee which should be yummy!!!

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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Vacant tiredness
Well it's been over a week since I last posted which is a fair indication of how I've been feeling over the last week. Hint - It's either that I'm really busy or really tired.

Since the race in Sydney I haven't felt like running at all and the few times I have gone out my legs feel tired, tight and lacking spring. Add to that the usual 7 week old baby sleep pattern plus the 2.5 year old boy management effort while trying to work from home and you probably get a good picture as to why I feel like I do.

I'm still aiming for the Marathon in October and need to focus on what I have to do to get there but at the moment the best I can do is think about running and try and get some good rest. Hopefully a bit of easy bike riding and some slow runs for the rest of the week, maybe not following any plan, will help get me back on track.

Aside from running...

The latest James Bond movie (Die Another Day) was released on DVD yesterday and my pre-order from Ezy DVD arrived this morning so its a BIG BIG James Bond night in the Hosken household tonight. I'm trying to convince all involved that sushi would go with the Martini but is 12o and a roast might suit better ;-)

Adding to the 007 feel about today, my James Bond 007 Space Pen I won on eBay a couple of weeks ago arrived today was well. Its one of those pens invented for millions of dollars by NASA to be able to write in zero gravity (funnily the Russians used a pencil), just the thing for noting my appointments in my filofax.

My eBaying has increased again and I've bid on a few DVDs recently and even managed a great deal on a Sherlock Holmes DVD at half retail (the seller made a pricing error) ;-)

On the work front, I've been working heavily on eMusic's backend adding support for user lists, spellign errors in search, and data mining wish lists to create recommendations for albums. I'm also datamining video rental histories (around 60 million of them) to see if we can make something to help you find videos in a new way. Busy but not super busy which is nice.

It looks like we'll be getting some $$ from a large telco based in Finland this month to try and apply some of our analytic techniques on various distributed computing networks, both public and private. This is really cool as I'll get to do some more interesting work and meet some cool people (like the guy who ran Morpheus). Overall, its a pretty damn good job I have...working from home with my iBook and looking at really interesting emerging technologies, something I'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere in Australia.

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