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Monday, February 16, 2004

Back homeAfter 16 hours of flying time, I'm back home with the family. My was it strange to hop off the plane into 31 degree heat after having been in -8 degree cold only 1 week ago.

The trip was great, Helsinki is a beautiful city and my time at eTech was very worthwhile. It was by far the best conference I have ever attended and I learnt quite a bit but I went away feeling a little let down. I guess I had huge expectations about it which may have been unrealistic.

After all the topics presented I feel as though I have a whole bunch of threads in my brain that I need to organise and give structure to in order to best make use of them. Key concepts of location, mobility (strangely not something covered by O'Reilly in his keynote), social interaction, emergent behavior and other cool things are racing around my head waiting for me to tie them together into some new projects.

I think this week will be spent re-reading the notes and presentations from eTech, making notes and trying to bring it all together, along with the next 3-4 month plan at AgentArts and trying my best to get Suzette to have some sleep and recover from 2 weeks of being a single mum.

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

RIP Pirata
Its a sad tragic day when anyone dies young; all the more so when the person in question was a world champion and tour de france winner.

Marco Pantani was found dead in a hotel room today. At 34!!

We're very upset here in this cycling loving household. What a waste.

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

You cannot be serious...the ball was in!
On of the innovations I've noticed at the Aust Open this year has been the Hawkeye system which tracks a ball's trajectory and can be used to show line calls. It was also been used here for the last couple of years for cricket decisions...especially LBWs.

Apparently its owned by a British company and is now used in tennis, cricket, snooker and baseball. I can easily see it taking over all ball sports.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Tick tock tick
I'm soooo sleepy right body clock is not jet lagged...its just totally screwed up. Who knows when I am.

One week till stability.

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eTeching across the universe
After a great trip to Finland last week and a long flight in which my baggage got lost...I' live at eTech in San Diego sitting in the first of the sessions..this one about swarm technology which I'm quite interested in.

First couple of keynotes were disappointing...Tim O'Reilly gave a repeat of previous talks he has done and Helen Greiner from iRobot gave a very poor talk that was 90% sales pitch for her much could have been covered..ethics, swarm algorithms and plenty more instead it was videos and overviews of what they are doing.

Dined last night with a bunch of uber blogger types including the so called "British Intellectual eTech crowd" and a few others...lots of interesting talks.

I've picked well hotel-wise with a big room although a little basic but it has a bath free gym membership at one of the best gyms I've ever worked out at, laundry and many many useful things.

time to listen.....

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Monday, February 02, 2004

To Do in Helsinki
Thanks to Claire for this link to Caterina's site with a list of things to do in Helsinki!!

Lots of laughs this morning after reading someone describe Claire's site as "stick-person, kiddie type sites etc". A lot of jealous people out there after Claire won the best Australian Blog and I would think another Bloggie for Best Australian Blog.

What is a stick-person kiddie???

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One Sleep to go
And then its off to Finland and America for a couple of weeks!!!

The last week has been very hectic with demos and presentations to complete along with bits and pieces of other work to be done prior to leaving.

Its now early Monday morning and I'm feeling a little stressed about the whole thing but not too much. I always worry about my flights before leaving, mainly about the seating arrangements of all things. I trying to get a window seat up the back of the plane which gives me a little more leg room. If not that seat then a window seat will do.

Oskar starts back at swimming today then we're off to the pediatrician to discuss Oskar's behavior at times, which I must say has improved a lot in the last week. A combination of us ignoring him when he throws things or picking up Jasmine and going to another room when he is shouting at her. Without the attention he doesn't continue. Thanks Dr Green!

I've been consistent with my gym routine and diet for the last couple of weeks; no alcohol (except 1/2 a glass with Mum and Dad yesterday), no chocolate at all and working out a few times a week. My weight is down (1.5 kg) and I feel stronger'll be tricky keeping it out overseas but I think I'll manage.

My only "cheat" meal was a great Panettone that we had with Claire, Phil and Amelia yesterday. Yummy.

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